Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Presentation Tips

1. Know your content well
-Researching the topic that I'm going to present is one of the most important. It's important because just in case I get stuck, it won't look like I messed up so bad
2. Be prepared
-This goes with knowing the content well. Preparation also shows professionalism. I think a person is never too young to start practicing professionalism.
3. Know who your audience is
-I hear pastors have to do this all the time: adjust their messages according to their audience. The pastors that I've heard speak do a great job; so, knowing who the audience is seems like a very important tip.
4. Keep it simple
-If things are too messy and complicated, the audience might give up on trying to comprehend what is being said.
5. Keep it short (to the point)
-Attention spans in high school supposedly don't last too long. Enough said.
6. Tell stories (make it interesting)
I enjoy hearing stories during a long and boring chapel. Telling stories may help make the presentation seem less "factual." It's also a good way to communicate a moral or a point.
7. Use imagery (creativity)
-One idea can lead to another which will lead to another which will lead to an idea that will change the world. You will never know.
8. [However...] Have a balance
-I think it's important to incorporate all of these tips into a presentation but have a balance because I think it's possible to achieve rookie professionalism through all of this.
9. Mistakes are a part of it (confidence)
-My piano teacher told me this past week that if I'm trying to achieve perfection while playing my song for the recital, I will make mistakes. Since we're human, mistakes is part of our perfection.

10. Have fun!
-I think it's important to try to have fun in everything you do. I recently have set my mind to a mindset of not having to do something but getting to do it.

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  2. I enjoyed reading your post, and I hope it was helpful for you. Thanks for sharing your applications and personalizing this.

  3. Good presentation tips! I like #10 especially. Good job on the graphics. Looks very nice.